Sep 27, 2011

Once You Were Mine .....

Just delivered this neckpiece to e.g.etal Contemporary Jewellery Gallery for an upcoming exhibition
called “Once you were mine...” the exhibition is about how we hold on to jewellery. Even the pieces that are broken, missing the pair, or living a meaningless life at the bottom of a pile. The staff at e.g.etal chose two pieces of pre-loved jewellery from their own collections.  But of course there is a story to each piece – bought as good luck charm, found in the pocket of an op shop jacket, worn on unsuccessful first date.... The concept behind this exhibition is for each piece to  be given new life. Artists were asked to choose an item and transform it. Invest it with a story of your own.

I chose a Returned Services League Badge.  I really loved it's shape.  My piece is called "Missing" and alludes to the faceless soldiers who never returned home.

You can see the original badge here, amongst some of the other interesting bits and pieces we had to choose from.

 I used the fitting on the back of the badge to make the clasp for the neckpiece.
Such a fun project!

Sep 22, 2011

So you think you can ........

Anna Pavlova

legendary performer / The Dying Swan / dance films
Anna Pavlova was one of the most important ballerinas of the 20th century and was a legend even during her own lifetime. She began her career dancing at the Maryinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and was the first dancer to tour outside of Czarist Russia.
Unlike the more voluptuous and muscular female dancers of her generation, Pavlova was slender and fragile-looking. Her lyricism and grace garnered numerous comparisons to the 19th century ballerina Marie Taglioni. In 1907, Michel Fokine choreographedThe Dying Swan for Pavlova and it became one of her most celebrated roles.
Pavlova performed with Les Ballets Russes during its 1909 season in Paris. A few years later, she established her own company and toured the world on an ambitious and tireless schedule that helped to establish new international audiences for ballet. She also appeared in the silent film The Dumb Girl of Portici (1915). The Immortal Swan, a film released in 1956, was a compilation of clips showing Pavlova dancing in the 1920s.

Sep 19, 2011

Papier Mache Online Magazine

Love these images in the current edition of Papier Mache Magazine.  Also love our cute ad within it's pages!!

Sep 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Small Magazine

Loving the latest online edition of Small Magazine.  Especially loving our cute ad in it! 

Sep 12, 2011

So you think you can ........

Albertina Rasch (January 19, 1891 – October 2, 1967) was a naturalized American dancer and choreographer. Born in Vienna in what was then Austria-Hungary in 1891 to a family of Polish Jewish descent, Rasch studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet school and became leading ballerina at the New York Hippodrome in 1911.
She formed her own dance troupe, The Albertina Rasch Girls, and the Rasch Ballet, starred in a number of Ziegfield productions. She also appeared at the Moulin Rouge, performed with Josephine Baker, toured with Sarah Bernhardt, and opened a Manhattan dance studio (where Bill Robinson taught tap) before adapting her classical training and techniques for the Broadway theatre and films.

Albertina Rasch, 1929

Sep 10, 2011

Ground Zero Lights

Thoughts are with all New Yorkers today.

Sep 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Illustrator - Nikki Catalano

I have these three prints on my wall.  They are just a small sample of the beautiful work by Illustrator Nikki Catalano.  You can see more of her dreamy images here.