Oct 14, 2011

My Sex in the City moment!

I think this is the closest I'm ever gonna get to an "upper west side" knees-up in Manhattan.  Martinis at the roof-top garden in the Met.  The view of the Manhattan skyline across Central Park was just stunning.

Oct 10, 2011

When Johnny Met Caity!!!

After an exhausting but exhilarating morning wandering around MoMa - New York's Museum of Modern Art, I met my husband, John - here - at Katz's Delhi on the lower East Side.  I think we sat in exactly the table that Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal sat at!

Local authorities advised that this was what we had to eat - pastrami on rye - it was great in all senses of the word!!  and I'm sure it must be what Meg Ryan had.  Yes, Yes Yes .....!!!

Oct 4, 2011

New York Day 3

The entrance to Opening Ceremony (ala Chloe Sevigny)

Don't know what this groovy looking restaurant was called but it looked amazing. 

The front windows and entrance to ABC Carpet and Home.  Such an amazing store!

Washington Square.  A nice place to be on a balmy Tuesday arvo.

Oct 3, 2011

New York Day 2

The High Line - an old railway line that has been transformed into a park that over-looks the city.

So interesting to visit a New York Trade Show - ENK Children's Club.
Do I dare say that I really think we do a more exciting job in Oz!

The Lego Store in Rockerfeller Plaza!!!
Take note Patrick- this is for you!

Rockerfeller Plaza

The merchandising over here is just  astounding.  Anthropologie is one of the winners for me.  Every store has  amazing and creative displays and every store is different.  Entering a store here is more like watching a piece of theatre -  with the store being the set and the staff the actors -  so enticing!!

Dinner at La Lupe in Soho - Enchilladas and a Maghuerita.  Mmmm...

Oct 2, 2011

New York Day 1

The windows of Once Upon A Tart.


The Chelsea Antiques Garage.  Kinda like Camberwell Market but so much more exotic! 


An intallation of decorated coffee cups in the Art Space at the bottom of the Flatiron Building.

The windows of Marimekko.  The inside of the store was amazing but they wouldn't let me take any pictures.

Outside the Marimekko Store, and opposite the Flatiron Building was a great outdoor eating area with a huge array of vendors.  All the tablecloths and umbrellas with a Marimekko design!

Loved the hats in this window.

Best cookie shop window display I've ever seen!

Don't know what this was but it looked amazing!

A huge macrame owl on the stairwell of J Crew!

Dean and Deluca

Some scary ice-cream vendors!